After surviving a long relentless winter filled with months of frigid temperatures and seemingly endless snowfall, we anxiously awaited your arrival.  And when you finally got here, you did not disappoint.  You brought warmth, sunshine, lots of laughter, and fun times.  Although you have not yet officially left, sadly, we feel your exit quickly approaching. 

You stop by later in the day, and do not stay as long, so we relish the time that we have left with you.  We still have our sunny afternoons in the park and our leisurely strolls, but, sadly, the days are dwindling.

IMG_0540  Before you leave, I want to thank you for showing baby boy the best time of his life.  He grew to know and love you as his closest companion for the past three months.  You quietly shadowed him while he excitedly ran barefoot through grass, caught bubbles in outstretched little hands, awkwardly tossed balls, darted through sprinklers, curiously watched as sand slipped through his fingers, splashed in pools, messily navigated his way around his first chocolate dipped vanilla on a stick ice cream, and made sure that we had the clearest of skies as we floated amongst the clouds traveling to and from grandma’s. 

This weekend, we put on our sweats and hoodies as we headed out for our morning walk in the park.  You were gone.  The air was crisp, the sun shone nowhere nearly as brightly as when you were here, and the familiar faces we used to see have since departed with you. 

You are one of an amazing four created by God.  Indeed, you are our favorite.  But we welcome the arrival of that which follows you.  A time of fun-filled festivals and a mosaic of beautiful colors that abound.

So dearest Summer, we wish you a fond farewell and will see you next year.  Thank you for the newest of precious memories and those sure to be created when you return.

3 thoughts

  1. Simply loved these two posts. Your 10 Commandments are just perfect — even better than Biggie’s and of course of the Bible. Xoxoxo


    1. Thanks lovie! Aha! You caught the Biggie inspiration:) I knew the “shy of” or something had to be missing re: the Bible. I know you’re no heathen. Lol. xoxoxo


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