It’s the same every year.  Just when I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread at home, with work, and with life in general, vacation is on the horizon. 


Over time, we women grow accustomed to running on auto pilot.  We rise shortly after daybreak, rush to get ourselves and our children out of the house on time each morning, meet our daily work obligations, juggle our kids’ social calendar, maintain our homes and, somewhere amongst all of this, try to care for ourselves.  This constant state of mania in which we exist is not good for the body or soul. 

At some point, we must recharge the batteries.

My annual end-of-summer break is the time that I indulge in the most self-care than I do all year.  Instead of doing yoga once weekly, I go a couple of times and get in some pilates.  I walk or run about two miles a day at least three times a week.  Almost every day is make-up free, hair is easy breezy or wavy and wild.  Heels are on hiatus.  It’s all about shorts, tees, flowy sundresses, and sandals. 

I feel the sun’s warmth.  I see the blue in the sky.  My mind is relaxed.  I am happy.

But my greatest joy is watching my son revel in a lifestyle that he does not typically get to enjoy.    We live just outside of the city, and are true New Yorkers.  Apartment living and place-hopping is what we do in our part of the world.  So far, summer fun for him has been the park, outdoor birthday parties, and the museum.  A New York kid is often an indoor kid.  

But at Ma’s house, there is a front and backyard that my son and dog commandeer with balls and water hoses.  Each day begins with fun at the pool.  Now that he is good and steady on his feet, maybe this trip, he’ll be up for tackling the giant water slide.  There’s the beach with a sand castle that has our name on it waiting to be built.  And unbeknownst to my little one, he will zip around on a little fire engine red training bike.  His Thomas the Train scooter that Ma bought awaits his arrival.  There will be lunches at our favorite restaurants, fraps from Starbucks, and as much fun that fills our days.

This is our special family time.  Baby (okay toddler), grandma, and me time. 

We are blessed.  We are truly, truly blessed.

Photo credit: Incase. / Foter / CC BY

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  1. And a well deserved rest indeed. My official vacation is not until October but I am going to beg for a week off in September to attend some Buddhist services, spend time with my brother Stephen and like you recharge my batteries. I suppose the one good thing about working as a security guard in a museum is that I don’t need to wear make-up, I can wear whatever clothing I want to work since I’m going to change into my uniform and I can pretty much wear my hair anyway I wish. I’m IncogNegro! Nobody notices guards until they need or want something. We are invisible. The best thing about vacation any time of year is that I can wake up when I want! Yes!! No alarm clock!

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    1. I hear you! Your September plans sound great, and it’s good that you will have official vacation the very next month. So for you, getting ready in the morning must be super easy unlike for me. I wake up hours earlier to get myself and my son ready. That’s why I love vacation time. The look is bathed and out the door!

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