Girlfriends are alot like our favorite pair of shoes or handbag.  We love, cherish, and want to hold on to them forever.  But like those favorite pair of shoes, sometimes the fit between girlfriends is not what it once was.  Or like that to-die-for handbag, you carry them closely by your side despite being weighed down by all of the junk that has been dumped inside.

Anything that does not inspire, encourage, or make me better has no place in my life.  These are words that I live by.  I once had a job that made me so miserable that a half-dollar sized section of my hair fell clean out of my scalp.  I quit that job.  I was in a marriage that nearly broke me.  Eventually, I divorced.  I have a friend who I love, but our relationship is failing.  And I am stuck somewhere between holding on out of loyalty and letting go out of necessity. 

We expect girlfriends to survive financial problems, health scares, marriages, divorces, and even the death of loved ones.  But what happens when that sister-friend with whom you used to share so much now knows almost nothing about you?  Or the real talk that flowed so freely between the two of you is now hesitant, guarded.  Or when silent scrutiny infiltrates what was once a judgment-free zone. 

Months drift by as the gap between us further widens. Apathy is the last thing we need.  But what probably hurts the most are the head nods and acquiescence to the claims of those less knowing that it is jealousy that stands between us. It is impossible for jealousy to live in the same place as transparency.  You know all of me.  And I know all of you.

I say that I’m stuck, but maybe I’m really not.  Could it be that the reason for our season was to find kinship in the calamity of our lives?  No one else could have possibly imagined the hell we were in.  Thankfully, we’re no longer the women we once were, which is why we have become the women we are today. 

Perhaps it really is that simple–we have fulfilled all that God would have us do in each other’s lives.  And if that be the case, I will remember our sisterhood lovingly–before the world got a hold of us and changed us. 

Time will tell if the universe is ushering us through the final phase of our friendship.  But if it is not, I’m sure that one day, we will pick up where we left off.  This time, as women grounded by grace, humbled by God’s mercy and blessings, and with hearts open to the rebirth of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. Excellent. I’m kinda going through this in my life also. I’ve prayed about the situation asking God to work things out. There is always a bit of sadness in any relationship that changes or ends. Perhaps evolves is a better word.

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  2. I went through the same exact situation years ago and decided to cherish the time we had and believed that we were in our lives for just that part of our lives. We were eachother’s confidants and besties for the good and bad times during those years. Then one day we saw eachother and she simply said hello and I embraced it and took it as a “sign”. I asked her if I could give her my phone number and if she would call. She did and she did! We set up a brunch date that lasted for hours, she was at both my dinner and luncheon (yes, the one you attended) and we are in contact now. I thought at the time that if our friendship was supposed to be rekindled, great! If not, I would always cherish our time as friends with no regrets. My thoughts are with you my friend…xoxoxox

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    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that Valley. My feeling is like yours was with your friend. I’m leaving the outcome to destiny and in the Lord’s hands. I have no malice or ill will. I find that as I continue to age and mature in my thinking about life, I readily accept things that I have no control over. Love you!


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