Two years, we were feeling so free, so happy.  We were flying kites, and getting tattoos. You were loved, and will always be remembered.  Every year, I will post this same post in your honor.  September is Suicide Prevention Month.  Let’s remember those we’ve lost to suicide, and continue to shine a light on mental health awareness.

She is Terri Linton

There are certain days in our lives that we will never forget. Where we were, what we were doing, who we were with. Last Wednesday was one of those days for me. That was the day I lost my friend to suicide.

The day was like any other.I dropped my son off at preschool, went to work, and later headed to the gym.After about 15 minutes on the treadmill, I got a call from my mother.When I played her message, she said, “Call me back. Right away.We had been on the phone together just minutes earlier while I was still in the car.Our chat was interrupted by heavy knocking on her door that I could hear in the background.It was steady.Urgent.Something was definitely wrong.She told me that it was yourdad and that she would call me back.It was…

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