Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, and Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have officially ushered in the holiday season, the new year is right around the corner.  But are you ready for 2016?  With only five weeks left of this year, it is something that we should all be giving some thought.

Around this time of the year, I tend to retreat into myself and reflect.  I think about what worked and what didn’t.  Who brought value to my life and who detracted from it.  What is needed for continued success with my wellness journey.  How I can continue to advance my writing career.  And, most importantly, what I need to do to further evolve as a mother.  I then make changes where changes need to be made. This year’s end, I will do the same, but more boldly and unapologetically.

Unlike years past, I am actually excited about the new year.  For the past two years, I have worked hard on getting me in order.  My biggest life lesson thus far has been that the external conditions of my life tend to reflect the internal condition of my being.  When one is out of whack, so is the other.  When one is solid, the other tends to thrive.  I think for most of us that is a universal truth.   

So here’s the deal.  It is never too late to get you, your relationships, your home, or work life in order.  In fact, these are areas of our lives that are always worthy of periodic self-checks.  And the advent of a new year is the perfect time for us to consider the state of our lives.  A new year gives us the chance to start fresh with a clean slate.  We are filled with a euphoric feeling of optimism and possibility.  It is the time when we seek to move forward with purpose.  We can even suddenly decide to cleanse our lives of anything that has proven toxic with a “new year, new me” wave of the hand. 

These uncertain times in which we now live allow us to take nothing for granted.  We should awaken to each day with gratitude and thanksgiving for the gift of life, and the well-being of our loved ones.  I was reminded of this recently.  For the past month, my son has experienced a series of health challenges.  Nothing that jeopardized his life, but conditions that made him a not so happy camper, kept us up at night, and in the doctor’s office weekly for a month straight.  As we walked hand in hand, or sometimes with him in my arms, across a windy, and at times rainy, parking lot to his pediatrician’s office, I could not help but think of the parents and children whose lives have been forever altered by chronic or terminal illness.  Sometimes all that is needed is a mere glimpse into the unfamiliar world of others to remind you that even when life is handling you a bit too roughly, it could always be worse. 

So why not take these remaining few weeks to think about how you will make 2016 your best year yet?  Skip the unkept resolutions.  Instead, consider changes that will improve the way in which you live, love, work, play, and parent.  Whatever happened in 2015, has happened.  Don’t dwell in or lament over it.  Figure out how you will better nurture yourself and fulfill every one of your dreams.  That is exactly what I intend to do.

Let’s look to the new year with a spirit of expectancy.  2016 is upon us.  You better get ready!

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  1. I’m a great believer for change especially at my age in life and I can say I agree with you where it’s true new year and newer and better things. Forget and store away all the past any welcome the 2016 with a energetic bang.

    And be greatful for is fixable in your current life and the little special wonders of life that keeps us focus to do better and pray for those that need more…

    Alway pray more for the ones that can’t, don’t, haters and less because those that can are totally bless.


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  2. In light of recent gun violence, your piece takes on even more importance. I like to take time periodically to perform what I call “personal inventory” to live my “best” life. I hope your followers will live theirs.

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