I am so Zen these days that many times, I find myself looking wide-eyed in the mirror and asking, “Who is that girl?”

Over the past couple of years, I have become nothing short of a peace-seeking missile.

We often hear and talk about “doing the work.”  Several times over in my life, I claimed to not only be doing the work, but insisted that it was done.  But after surviving some “thangs,” becoming a mom, and trying my best to live according to God’s word and intention, I have found my peace.  Finally.

It has been a lengthy and, at times, difficult journey.  I have released people from my life whose season in it had come to an end.  I’ve owned my bad life choices.  And I’m working very hard on my immense struggle with forgiveness.  

But many good things have also resulted from me doing, and continuing to do, my work.  Yoga remains my go-to physical and emotional refuge.  In fact, I’m 95.99% sure that I will one day pursue certification as a yoga instructor.  I’m eating healthier; not perfectly, but healthier.  I have rediscovered my love of books, and carve out even the smallest part of the day to read.  I’ve gained greater footing as a mom, which always fills me with pride.  And I have uncovered what all the rave is over meditation. 

While watching Periscope (my new favorite social media platform where you can follow me @SheisTerriL) I heard about and tried a guided meditation app.  It turned out to be the perfect fit for me.  After years of being a chronic hitter of the snooze button, I now awaken to the serene sounds of nature (thanks to another app that I love) at 5:15 every morning to get in my 10 minutes of mindfulness practice.  By no means am I floating out of the door holding my son’s hand in a state of total serenity and bliss each morning.  But I feel far less harried and more invigorated.  I am arriving at work a bit earlier than normal, and am starting my day with a mindset of intention and purpose. 

But most importantly, I now have a beautifully blooming relationship with God.  No more is it superficial and one-sided.  Nor am I using Him as an Emergency Medical Technician (thank you Bishop T.D. Jakes).  Instead, my relationship with God is full of meaning and supplication. 

So what is the point of all of this? 

When you have endured pain, been broken down to your lowest self, learned the lessons to be learned, still have your right mind after nearly losing it, and have been shown God’s unwavering grace and mercy, you will seek peace with a fervor you never imagined existed.

And guess what?

You will find it.

Photo by: Terri LintonIMG_3512

6 thoughts

  1. I have incorporated the meditation app you suggested and love it as well. I also incorporated time after meditation in reading God’s word and prayer. This ensures I get my day started in a calm, thankful way. “Peace be unto you”, dear.

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  2. I could only hum in agreement and admiration ” peace be still…no water can swallow Terri’s ship where lies.. the Master of ocean and earth and skies..” He will keep us afloat as long we carve out some “peace” in our lives for Him to reign. Powerful and positive thoughts as always Terri!
    Can’t help but to send my XOXO and thanks to you for sharing.


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