I kicked off the year with a post called, ‘The New You Revolution.’ The intention of the post was to motivate myself, and others, to abandon short-term New Year resolutions in exchange for sustainable life changes. Now that the first quarter of the year is behind us, it is the perfect time to think about our progress, make needed adjustments, and set goals for the second quarter. Here’s my update:


I lost five pounds and some inches (who-hoo!). How many inches? I’m not sure. But what I do know is that I can now comfortably slide into clothes that before I had to nearly forego breathing, jump up and down as if on a Pogo Stick, and do the Harlem Shake to get into. Although I have another 10 to 15 pounds to lose, I am proud of my progress. There’s still my weekly yoga. And I try to squeeze walking or running in twice weekly; even if for a short time. My fitness program is nowhere near where I want it to be but, for now, this is what I am able to pull off as a working single-mom. My goal for this quarter is to include weight training at the gym at least one day out of the week. I’ll let you know how that goes in about three months:).


My weight loss was not the result of a crash or starvation diet. It happened because of small changes that I made to my diet that I have been able to stick with. Gone is the sweetened creamer that I mixed into my morning coffee daily. It has been replaced with Silk Vanilla Almond creamer. It contains very little sugar, and gives sufficient flavoring. I also drink Teeccino’s herbal coffee, which I absolutely love, on Monday through Friday. This coffee alternative is absolutely delicious. I actually enjoy it as much as my beloved Starbucks, which I have on the weekends. I also eat breakfast every single morning. Nothing elaborate or fancy–just organic oatmeal or an egg. But on the weekends, I relish in a breakfast that I never ever ever thought that I would enjoy–scrambled eggs, mixed with spinach, tomato, and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. Delish! I eat at least one vegetable every day. Salad with balsamic dressing is an almost daily staple. I have chicken no more than four times monthly. Grains in moderation. Salmon and fish are frequent favorites. But there have been struggles. I still sorely crave my chips, Twizzlers, cookies, pastries, and brownies. I can’t say that I have eliminated them completely from my diet, but I indulge far less often. Eventually, I will part from them but for now, I will extend myself grace and say, “I’m working on it.”


Since the new year, I have paid off three bills that were hanging over my head. I’ve added to my savings. And I have become the most mindful about money and finances than I have ever been. Money is spent more on needs than wants. How money is spent is a constant consideration. But, let’s not be fooled, the occasional bag, make-up pallet, or home accessory still makes a girl smile.


Before my pregnancy, I treated God like a life line. When in trouble, I called upon and prayed to Him. When the crisis ended, so did my need for God. But while on bed rest with my son, I formed a relationship with God–a real relationship with Him. Since then, I talk to Him daily. I pray to Him in earnest. I come to Him not always in need, but many times simply to give thanks. And our relationship continues to grow. I read His word, listen to others deliver His word, and I continue to grow because of His word. My goal for this quarter is to begin my search for a church home that feeds my soul and deepens my relationship with God.


Everyone currently in my life is in it because I love them and want them there. It really is that simple. There is no more awkward pushing and pulling. No bad feelings. No wishing people away. There’s just the good stuff–love, light, laughter, support and encouragement. My loved ones are my happy tribe. And I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

My Message to You

We haven’t hit he halfway mark of the year yet. Take a moment and think about the promises that you made to yourself. Check the status of the goals you set. Are you actively working on reaching them? If you are, kuddos! If there’s more work to be done or you need to start, that’s okay–just get to it. Leave behind the stinking-thinking, the nay-sayers (including the loudest one who lives inside of your head), and the doubters.

And just get on with it.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this it’s like I’m Addicted to it already. You were right it inspires me already on this journey. God bless you for sharing with you. I appreciate it so much.

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  2. Great reading as always! The weight loss struggle is real but I have lost a few pounds as well(the Harlem shake lol lol).

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Hugs Hugs Tere!

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    1. The weight loss journey is no joke, especially as we get older. I was riding that post-baby weight gain wave for as long as I could before I was like, ‘okay you need to start shedding weight.’ It’s still not easy but I’m trying to remain committed.


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