As a mom, my opportunities for solo enjoyment are limited.  I relish in moments when I can throw in my ear buds, pull up a podcast, and take a long walk.  No child, no companions, no telephone chatting.  Just me, the trees, and uninterrupted time with my favorite podcast friends.  Here are five podcasts that are giving me all the life there is to give right now. 

1. Dear Sugar Radio

Writers/authors Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond have become my virtual therapists.  They cover universal topics such as dealing with family secrets; finding ‘the one;’ navigating infidelity; forgiving fathers; adjusting to step-parenting, and much more.  I love this podcast because so much of what they discuss, I can relate to in my own life experiences.  Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond dissect the most uncomfortable of life issues with a candor and compassion that has given me the courage to examine the more difficult aspects of my own life with a greater level of honesty and introspection.  Thank you Sugars!

2. Being Boss

Hosts and entrepreneurs Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson opened my eyes (and ears) to the bad-assery of the female creative entrepreneur.  A creative has always lived inside of me.  And it was not until I reached my 30s that I gave myself permission to nurture my creativity through writing.  Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson have inspired me to fuel what is now my freelance side-hustle as I grow it into a full-time business.  These two women are my virtual business coaches.  They cover topics to which the budding and seasoned entrepreneurs will shout, ‘AMEN’ (in my Emily Thompson voice)!  Through long-form interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs, they discuss finding your ‘creative wolfpack;’ self and health care for the creative entrepreneur; the importance of vulnerability (during an interview with THE Brene Brown); product launching; blogging; podcasting; coaching, and more.  These bosses encourage you to blend who you are with what you do.  And most importantly, to do the work.

3. The Longest Shortest Time

This podcast was an accidental find.  While listening to another podcast, this one was mentioned.    I checked it out and have been listening ever since.  Host Hillary Frank does an amazing job of combining her narration of her guests’ early parenting stories with their own.  This is where I found my place of grace as a relatively new parent.  It was this podcast that reminded me that everyone has their parenting challenges, that we all love our children, that the early years of parenting can feel like the longest, and that we are all doing the best we can.    

4. The Beautiful Writers Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for writers.  In just under an hour, Danielle Laporte and Linda Siversten take you on a magical journey through the creative minds of some of the greatest writing luminaries.  They explore writing processes, the business of getting published, and beautiful books.  This podcast is filled with both information and inspiration.  All love and light here!

5. Happier With Gretchen Rubin

If you are habit obsessed like me, this is the podcast for you.  Author Gretchen Rubin and her television writer sister Elizabeth Craft dissect everything habits–from eliminating clutter in your home, to creating ways to be on time, to writing and sending thank you notes.  These ladies nudge you into examining how you live and developing habits that will have you living better than before.

But There’s One More: Mater Mea

This podcast launched in April and, with only five episodes, I am obsessed.  Anthonia Akitunde, founder of Mater Mea, along with her guests, tackle issues important to women of color like the stigma of single-motherhood, co-parenting, and the important roles husbands play in the lives of black career women.  Because of Mater Mea, it looks like I’m going to have to expand my fave five to six.

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