When the pressures of life are mounting just a bit too fast, I have to disconnect.  Less talking, less texting, and less social media.  During these times, I stop and ask, “Why?” 

Why am I feeling the pressure I feel?  Why am I not as happy as I could be?  Why am I allowing the most insignificant of people and situations to rent space in my head?  Why am I comparing my journey to this one’s or that one’s?  The whys go on and on.

And they are good for me. 

Without them, I would not retreat inside of myself to hear my own voice.  That gentle whisper in my ear that reminds me that I have been listening to the world too intently, and that it’s time to disconnect.  Not forever.  Just long enough to reconnect with myself.

So that’s what I did for the past week. 

Away from the roar of the world, I figured out solutions to some looming problems.  Worked on some challenges.  Set more goals.  Walked and thought amongst the serenity of nature.  Spent uninterrupted time with family.  Prayed that God work out anything greater than my capacity.  And reminded myself that for every struggle in my life there is a blessing. 

Divinity is in disconnection.

And it is well.

2 thoughts

  1. You give new meaning to the saying, “wherever you are, be all there.”
    So many ways to detox: we have to be in tune with at least one way from time to time. Our spiritual houses demand it. Have a blessed day Terri. Your writing is uplifting!!!


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