Valentine’s Day used to be a very big deal to me.  It was the one day of the year when I eagerly anticipated extra special attention, dinner, and gifts.  This was the day that no matter what the state of my relationship, I expected a full demonstration of love and appreciation.  I wanted the fantasy.  Reality would always be there.

But as I matured, I started to see Valentine’s Day as a fun holiday, but no more significant than any other day of the year.  What really matters are the other 364 days.  If those days ain’t right, one candy and flower filled day won’t make them right.  But I did not always possess this insight.  It took me many blundered years and some pretty painful experiences to develop greater wisdom concerning matters of the heart. 

For this Valentine’s Day, I asked some wise seasoned women, whom I love, to share their greatest love lessons.  Here’s what they said:

Love requires consistent nurturing in order to stay alive, grow, and flourish.  Like a plant which requires sunshine, rich soil, and water, love must be deliberately and consistently nurtured with self-giving care.    M.B.M.

Love yourself first, and everything and everyone will fall into place.  — M.M.

Trust God, be whole.  Consistency is a powerful message.  Love fully or not at all. — M.A.J.

Know who you are spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.  When you are at your best, you attract the best.  Be patient and never settle.    L.E.L.

Better always come.    R.B.

A relationship is weak and at risk if a person doesn’t believe that it is a true partnership.    A.S.R.

As women, our first love is to God and the Goddess within.  After that, everything else will follow.    —  D.A.P.

And what I offer is:

You will easily spot the right love after having nearly been blinded by the wrong love. 

Live, learn and love.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo credit: Simply Viola via / CC BY-NC-SA

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