About Me

I believe that almost any obstacle in life can be overcome.  It’s during the turbulent times when we are forced into a place of surrender.  We finally stop and take inventory of where we are and how we got there.  We let go of people and things that no longer serve us.  We learn, grow, and persevere.

How do I know?  Because I’ve been there.

My place of surrender was on bedrest during a high-risk pregnancy, while staring divorce in the face.  After a slew of horrific decisions and pregnancy losses, I was embarking on first-time motherhood.  I felt alone, ashamed, and terrified.  But slowly, steadily, and with loads of self-work I made it through.  I’m still making it through.  And so can you.

It will take time, lots of work, some tears, and loss.  But you’ll get through, and be better because of it.

The reason I started this blog is to let you know that despite any abuses, low self-esteem, failures, or bad decisions, your ‘shero’ dwells within.

Here, I share my life lessons on the highs, lows, and everything in between of womanhood, motherhood, love, resilience, and how I finally discovered my own ‘shero.’  I hope that my journey makes you feel less alone on yours.

Wishing you love and light!

More About Me:

I am a Bronx girl, and continue to live in New York with my son.  I am a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Rutgers School of Law-Newark.  I worked for nearly ten years in the criminal justice field.  To my core, I am a writer and educator.  My writing has appeared on the Huffington Post; ESME; Mamamia; and Motherly.

email: terri@sheisterrilinton.com